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Shaded Bench Garden Design Imaginative garden development tailored for you

somewhere to relax and

      imagine a corner of paradise . . .


My ambition is to share my enjoyment of gardens and gardening and to help create something special with you.

The joy of gardening was sown by my parents and grew as I acquired my own garden over twenty five years ago.

It was nurtured by National Diploma in Horticulture course units taught at the Derby Broomfield college.

It is now setting fruit with a gradually growing portfolio of garden designs and garden developments,  in the north Midlands.

I am a pre-registered member of the Society of Garden Designers.

About Me

- Face to face meeting to agree the work with you.

- Site survey to understand the garden and how it fits with you and your surroundings.

- Design for the layout of planting, features, hard landscaping and buildings.

- Scale drawing of the flat layout and drawings of the upright views.

- Development of the new design - options :-

     = personally working with you, more so for planting and less so for substantial hard-landscaping

    = or choosing a landscape construction firm

    = or working with the chosen landscapers to ensure a quality result

- One-off projects or phased in several stages, or a programme of work.

- Agree payment for the design, materials, and construction to suite your budget and phased
      through the project.

- Follow-up visits to see how the garden settles in and to agree any adjustments or additions.

What I Can Do

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Nigel Staunton