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Portfolio of Work

. 2013 02 04

Nigel Staunton

Design Plans and Sketch Drawing

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CONTACT ME Curved Stone Steps Heatherton Curved Stone Steps
an attractive original solution 
to link two levels of the garden 
by a curved flight of steps ,
with a seating area,
linked to the rest of the garden
by shape colour and materials Country Garden - Ponds
Design to link a graveled terrace 
with fields beyond: 
with a pond, a bridge over a stream,
a summer house beside a lawn 
that recedes through a cherry avenue
to the field gate beyond.
Phase 1 -the ponds
Garden in Heatherton
A small suburban garden,
redesigned to blend
traditional elements with
a little contemporary influence.
new paved circle with raised beds,
Scented shrubs, a rose bed
heading a curved lawn.
Duffield Road Duffield Road Contoured Beds
Old raised beds around 
a seating area revamped
With contoured gravel,
increased paving and new access. Country Garden Mixed Planted Flower Bed
The island bed feature in an open 
front garden was replanted for a 
succession of colour interest 
throughout the growing season,
Starting with tulips and camassia. 
Mixed Planting Central Beds Mickleover Circular Lawn
The first stage of bringing an  
overgrown garden back into use. 
A circular lawn will become the  
handsome centre-piece around which
other features will ‘grow’. 
Circular Lawn in Mickleover Garden Creative hard landscaping and Planting design